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English language is seen as the international business language with more than 1,5 billion people speaking it at a useful level, which means 20% of the worlds population. Companies, like Japan’s Rakuten, declared that the official business language of the Company is English, and many others decided to do so. The reasons are many, and include: Internatinalisation, digitalisation, merging companies – and of course, Business Process Outsourcing.
When outsourcing started with low-skill and low-value tasks and work, English was important, but not a necessity for every employee. Throughout the years, outsourcing has become more complex and present in all sectors and areas, especially in sectors like IT, where high knowledge of English is a must. Now-days customers have a wider choice of outsourcing options in terms of vendors and countries. It is unlikely to consider a vendor whose employees are not able to communicate at a high level. The demand for English knowledge has pushed wage pressures upwards, along with many other benefits.
According to Education First, Bosnia and Herzegovina is ranked as the 26. among the countries with the number of its citizens who actively speak English. In numbers, there is approximately 50.000 people who actively speak English in BH. In addition, more and more courses are offered by various organizations as well as classes on Universities and in High schools. 
If considering to do an outsourcing project, where the locals are skilled and speak English language at a high level, Bosnia and Herzegovina should be your choice.