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The relevance of social media for any kind of business has increased and provides important benefits that help a company reach many customers worldwide. It is cost-effective, it helps to engage with customers and gives healthier and better customer satisfaction.

It is important to say that 93% of Marketers are using some sort of social media for their business. For Example, 70% of Brands have their Facebook account. Job recruiters or personnel HR are using LinkedIn as a source for finding potential candidates.Over 67% of consumers use social media networks to find possible solutions for their issues, related to a product or a service. Instead of directly communicating with the customers, a very good way to find their needs and interests is Marketplace awareness, which means that social media can help a company get information about their industry. 

A company that is not using social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, or even some more local-oriented platforms like Xing is missing out. This is as well relevant to outsourcing processes.
Outsourcing can be made in different sectors. Marketing, IT, Accounting, etc. But one of the most sensitive, regarding making a good picture of a company, is Customer services. With a good customer service, a company can easily make a good marketing with spreading favorable opinions about their customer services. Companies which are looking for a vendor, will be looking to choose such a BPO company.

Some BPO companies started to promote Social Media Outsourcing, which means that the focus is on creating or manage already existing pages on some or more social media networks.

Overall, it is important for every company to be present on social media, especially to promote themselves and to be in touch with their exciting and future customers. BPO companies can use them to find new clients and companies that are looking for a vendor can follow the problem-solving skills of a BPO company and the overall thoughts of their customers.