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Popular work messaging app, Slack, can credit its sleek and functional design to an outsourced company. This messaging service started out as an online game. With time, the company used outsourcing to hire Metalab, a designing company. This company redesigned everything that comprised Slack, from it’s website to its mobile app. This gave Slack’s founder, Stewart Butterfield, time to focus on his customers’ feedback and to create a great user experience. This led to the creation of the messaging service app that’s valued today at $2.8 billion.


Its founders, Dane Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström, outsourced an expert team in Estonia to help build the platform for this visual voice-calling industry. This shows how, even though as a startup you might want to build everything on your own,leaving the experts to develop exactly what you need renders better results.


This website was created to promote innovative and creative products to help bring them straight to entrepreneurs. Its founder, Noah Kagan, created it by hiring a developer whom he paid only $50 to create a PayPal button. Also, he hired different freelancers and entrepreneurs, with which he got his first ad placements. Instead of finding where to promote his website, Kagan hired others (and asked for a favor or two) to get his ads where they needed to be.


BPO is not a one-size-fits-all approach and pricing structure can always be tailored to the clients needs. Creating soulutions is one of the perks of BPOs.