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Social media managers should have marketing or public relations experience, an aptitude for communications and a passion for connecting with people. They should thrive for a challenge and understand the digital landscape better than anyone. “Findie”, a Swedish digital HoReCa company recognised all the above through outsourcing their social media marketing processes to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
One of the main reasons that made “Findie” outsource their social media management is that it was taking up too much of their and that they did not have the right expertise and tools in place. By outsourcing they gained access to qualified social media experts that they have been relying on for the last three years. There are numerous benefits to having someone fully engaged with your customers and building your loyal followers and if you do decide to outsource social media management, not only are you guaranteed a professional who knows the ins and outs of social media, but the costs are lower and you get to focus on your core business areas.

To find out more about “Findie”, please visit: www.findie.se