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As work moves online and into digital workplaces, outsourcing is no longer considered to be a risky business. These days, companies engage in remote work to help staff find a work/life balance and to access top talent.
“Woak”, a Switzerland based furniture manufacturing company, has successfully been outsourcing its back office services for the last two years to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Back office outsourcing provided them with qualified workforce and enabled them to scale their operations without additional capital expenditures. By partnering with SEEBA, “Woak” focuses on current projects and operations while leaving accounting, HR, data encoding and data processing services in the hands of dedicated experts.
This successful collaboration is proof that you can find your qualified outsourcing partner in B&H, and that the services you require can be tailored to your actual needs in terms of requirements and budget.
To find out more about “Woak”, please visit: www.woak.ch