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Statistics & Information

Quality of Workforce

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General summary

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with a significant number of bilingual or trilingual highly educated professionals that have a strong understanding of western culture, both on a personal and professional level. Although being a relatively small country Bosnia and Herzegovina’s educational system is highly esteemed and recognised internationally, while students undertake a broad range of studies, including English language which is mandatory through the schooling system.  The availability of educated and competitive professionals, excellent IT infrastructure, a great geostrategic location and the inexpensive labor rates are just some of the strong points that make Bosnia and Herzegovina an attractive labour market.

Language & Skills
The country's strong points include
  • A highly educated and competitive labour force
  • Bilingual and/or bilingual proficiency within the labour force
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities
  • A well-established industrial tradition
  • Specialized professionals working throughout different sectors
  • A great geostrategic location
Average salaries

To get acquainted with salaries in Bosnia and Herzegovina please visit:

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Sources: Business Barometer 2018, Plata.ba 
Last updated: 28/2-2019